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Patrick Hall

"I have worked alongside Tom Parashos of Helix Law Firm for over 10 years. This is what I know... Tom is Incredible, his team operates with excellence, they care about what they do, and they care about the people they work with. I trust him and his staff with my life! I work with attorneys often and leave each appointment with Tom, Nate, and Mike entirely impressed. I admire the way they do business. Helix Law Firm offers experience, expertise, and exceptional quality. They will soon become your friends too!"

Joseph Esposito

"Tom Parashos and Helix Law Firm represented me in a variety of legal matters. He formed and assisted in the compliance of my legal entities involving my businesses and real estate matters. I also trusted him with preparing my living trust and estate planning. I always feel that Helix Law Firm produces a great product for a fair price."

Hazel Kahre

"Helix Law Firm represented me in a difficult landlord/tenant dispute. I was very happy with the legal representation and the way our case resolved. Tom Parashos was able to settle our case efficiently and at a great value."

Bob Aguilar

"Helix Law Firm has represented me and my business, personal, and real estate legal matters over the years. I have enjoyed working with Tom Parashos and his staff. I appreciate their professionalism and highly recommend them."

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